Hey y'all! I'm Monica, welcome to my world!

Quick introductions:

My name is Monica Mott, I live in Austin, Texas. I am a professional marketer and designer. Most of my days are filled with marketing, strategy and designing. Digital design and branding for my personal clients is my passion. My clientele ranges from influencers to fitness companies to the beauty industry, even non-profits! I love designing logos, any and all marketing materials, ads, websites,

you name it!

I did attend and graduate college for my line of work at The University of Texas at Austin (hook 'em). I have degrees in Advertising and Sociology in regards to Consumer Behavior -basically I studied what makes people like and want to buy things. :)

A little bit about what you can find here:

Awhile ago I started a little personal digital journal for myself to illustrate my memories in a creative space. I also had a private online portfolio for clients. After many requests, I have now decided to make both public and accessible in one place. I love sharing tips, connecting with people & supporting other women. After getting a lot of the same questions over & over, I found myself wishing I could just put the answer in one place for everyone to find easily. So in hopes to answer all of your questions & help some of my fellow sisters out, I decided to make my personal creative journal public so all questions could be answered & all details could be shared. Lastly, what really made me want to finally create this page, is someone said to me, "think about having something like this with all the details & emotions visually illustrated to look back on years & years later." That's all I needed to hear. I love going back & looking at old photos, videos & thoughts I wrote down. So a little selfishly, but mainly supportively, this digital creative space was at last born.

In a world of digital façades, I wanted to create a space that isn't a typical blog, or really a blog at all. I don't want to sit here and type nonsense. I want to create a cool space of inspiring photos and videos, answers to frequently asked questions, support for women (and men for that matter) & basically just a place to always keep it real. Life isn't perfect, but it is beautiful. & I want to share that with all of you.

I will be using this space to create memories, inspiration & support.

Please feel free to follow the journey! :)

Xo, Mon

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