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NYC Wedding Dress Shopping at Kleinfeld's & Pronovias!

One of the most important things a girl needs to find when she's getting married is the dress! The most perfect, beautiful, flattering wedding dress. When I got engaged, I already knew what kind of style wedding dress I would like. I started searching high and low for something that fit my criteria and style. The two dresses that I fell head over heels in love with were both sold at stores only in New York City. Figures. One dress was at Spanish designer Pronovias flagship store and the other was at none other than the famous Kleinfeld's! Funny thing is I never really liked or watched the show "Say Yes to the Dress," until I went shopping there. I used to think it was silly, but now if I ever come across it on tv, I can't help but watch for a little while!


Making a bridal appointment at Kleinfelds is so much easier than I thought. When I decided I wanted to go dress shopping there, I thought it would be a month long waiting list. Nope! Hop right online and you can see their avalibilty calendar. I actually booked our flight and appointment about 2 weeks before we went. I was so happy getting an appointment wasn't a hassle.


Pronovias was just as special as Kleinfelds. But definitely different. This experience was a private fitting rather than being in a huge showroom with lots of other brides-to-be. When we got to Pronovias, we checked in and then went up in the elevator to a private showroom/ dressing room. We had a lovely consultant named, Emerald Snow. Cool name, huh? She was so cool and very easy to talk to. First things first, she popped a bottle of champagne for me and all my girls. We got to kick off with a little toast and then I showed her all the dresses I would like to try on. She went downstairs to get the exact dresses as well as other similar dresses she thought I may like. While she was doing that, there were other dresses hanging up in our showroom that we all got to browse through while sipping our champagne.


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