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THE ONE! Our Wedding Venue

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Living in one of the best cities ever, Austin, Texas, I always knew we would get married there. I had 3 very gorgeous venues set in my heart. I had our entire rehearsal dinner venue downtown planned in my head, everything. Then I found a gorgeous venue outside of Austin in the hill country in front of a waterfall, and plans changed.

Ceremony Site at Remi's Ridge at Hidden Falls

I found Remi's Ridge at Hidden Falls while googling Texas wedding venues. A magical venue with a waterfall and huge reception hall showed up in my search and it turned out to be 30 minutes from where Mitch and I grew up. I knew we had to go see it immediately. Even after being in love with Ma Maison, I knew it my heart this was the place we would get married at.

Ceremony & Reception

We scheduled our tour and headed out there the next weekend. When we got there, I instantly knew it was the one. I didn't want to seem too eager, but inside I was screaming. As the tour went on it just kept getting better and better. Even though you do need to go see the sites in person, I already knew what the ceremony location and reception hall looked like. The ceremony site has the water feature I have been dreaming about and the reception hall has a huge sparkly chandelier! Perfect, perfect I kept saying in my head. What I was about to see next would totally make me fall head over heels in love with the place.

Reception Hall at Remi's Ridge.

Bridal Suite

The bridal suite, compete with an almost 360 degree mirror for the bride was so stunning. It was everything I wanted and more. Much like the other parts of the venue, there was a lot of white. I love white. It is so clean and classy and my whole wedding vibe has a lot of white. I had finally found a place with my style! There is lockers for each bridesmaid, a flat screen tv (even though I'm sure we won't use it), one way windows for peeking, comfy couches, a big bathroom and plenty of mirrors and space for everyone to get ready!

Grooms Suite

Although I don't have as many photos of the grooms suite, it is very nice and roomy. It is upstairs from the bridal suite and has a balcony that looks over the ceremony site! It also has it's own bathroom, flat screen and gaming console. Although not pictured, there is also a full length mirror, places for the suits to hang and more comfy chairs in the suite now.

Groom's Suite at Remi's Ridge

Family Suite

So as if the the ceremony site, reception hall, bridal and grooms suite weren't perfect enough, there is also a family suite! That's right, a whole other room for your family member to get ready and relax in. There is even an entire handicapped shower in there! I immediately thought of weddings I had attended here in Texas with elderly getting very uncomfortable waiting outside in the heat. I thought this was the perfect room to put our grandparents and any other family members that weren't already in the bridal or grooms suite! I do not have a photo of this suite, but it looks very similar to the grooms suite. It has a small half kitchen with plenty of refreshments for your family, a flat screen tv and lots of comfy seating!


Lastly, something that was also very important for us with having two large families traveling to be a part of our day, was lodging. We really wanted to find a venue that had at least a nice hotel nearby for people to stay at. Remi's Ridge did us one better! There are what they call "Casitas" on the property! They are small nice houses that have hotel rooms inside of them! Our guests can literally walk to their rooms at night! This was so exciting for me. We are taking a lot of time and funds to plan a night that we want our entire family and friends to enjoy. We want people to eat, drink and be marry without having to worry about driving home.

As if lodging for our guests wasn't enough, there are also 3 BIG houses that the bridal and grooms party can stay at! Well I guess anyone can stay at them. Big families, groups of friends, etc.. However, I thought it would be the perfect space for our bridal and grooms parties to stay at the night before! These houses are so roomy and fun! One of them even has a basketball court inside of it!

See you before you know it, April 18, 2020!


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